Women, Poverty and AIDS: Sex, Drugs and Structural Violence

Publication date February 15, 2007
by Paul Farmer, Margaret Connors, Janie Simmons (editors)
Common Courage Press
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  • Why poor women are the population most at risk for HIV infection worldwide
  • Why AIDS is not an "equal opportunity" infection for women
  • An analysis of race/ethnicity, gender, and HIV transmission in the United States
  • A critical analysis of individual risk behaviors as an explanation for rising rates of HIV infection
  • Making Common Cause: A resource guide to health services developed with poor women in mind

Reviews (1st edition)

"To proceed against AIDS, a dense thicket of myth, half-thought ideas and preconceptions must first be cleared. This book makes a major contribution."
Jonathan Mann, M.D., The late Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Professor for Health and Human Rights, Director of the International AIDS Center, Harvard School of Public Health

"Lucid, smart, passionate, and compassionate."
Paula Treichler, University of Illinois, Urbana, editor of The Feminist Dictionary

"Exceedingly well-written."
Robert Fullilove and Mindy Fullilove, M.D., Columbia School of Public Health