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Patients at a Nyaya Health facility.

One of Nyaya's community health workers (left) visits women in the villages surrounding Bayalpata Hospital.

Founded in 2006, Nyaya Health works with the Nepali Ministry of Health to develop health care services in the impoverished western regions of the country. Nyaya’s mission is two-fold: to develop health care capacity and the provision of free community-based health care in rural Nepal; and to establish and disseminate a scaleable model of health care delivery in regions affected by poverty, isolation, war, and neglect. Nyaya’s health care development activities are based in the district of Achham, Nepal and are centered at the Bayalpata Hospital. Achham is one of the poorest regions in South Asia, and shoulders some of the world’s highest mortality rates, particularly among women. Nyaya began its services in Achham by constructing a primary care health center in April of 2008 and joined with the Nepali Ministry of Health and Population to open the Bayalpata Hospital in 2009.

Nyaya employs employs an all-Nepali staff with supervision and training from volunteer public health experts both within Nepal and from the United States. All medical care is provided free of charge, with a focus on health equity and outreach to the poorest and most marginalized patients. Services include maternal care, outpatient, inpatient, emergency and community outreach services. The Nyaya blog has more recent updates on the work of Nyaya's staff.

Guided by the belief that poor outcomes in pregnancy, the malignant forces of malnutrition, and the virulence of infection have as much to do with the blight of poverty, the effectiveness of local governance, and respect for human rights, as they do with access to care, Nyaya strives to bring attention to these crucial underlying socioeconomic and political factors while at the same time working to deliver care of the highest quality.

Working to advance the solidarity model of Partners In Health, Nyaya aims to scale-up not only medical services, but also services targeting clean water initiatives and other population-level interventions. It will be impossible to truly address the root causes of poor health – poverty and lack of resources – without thinking and acting at the level of health systems. Day-to-day work at Bayalpata Hospital remains crucial for life-saving care, but the true impact of Nyaya will be seen when the people of Achham begin to see change across the system.

As an open-source organization, Nyaya continues to make available all planning documents, financial data, clinical outcomes data, and medical protocols online for free download to the public through its website and wiki.

Click here to visit the Nyaya Health website.

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