South-South Solidarity

Posted on 01/16/10

Cross-site collaboration makes the expansion and dissemination of our work possible. In particular, our almost 25 years of experience in Haiti has helped our projects in Africa to flourish. Such an exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge between developing countries is often referred to as a south-south collaboration.

Since 2004, Haitian doctors, nurses, and administrators have traveled to our sites in Rwanda, Malawi, and Lesotho to help train staff and launch programs. And beginning last year, leaders from our Rwandan projects have traveled to Haiti to work with Zanmi Lasante there. 

Yesterday, the power of this south-south collaboration took on new significance to all of us at Partners In Health in Boston and around the world when we received the following message from the Government of Rwanda:

President Kagame has been following the news [about the earthquake in Haiti] closely: "The Rwandan people are saddened by this tragedy. Yesterday, my government sent a message of solidarity to the government and people of Haiti and bereaved families, and we will be wiring our contribution this weekend."

We are extremely grateful to the government and people of Rwanda for their generosity and solidarity. Murakoze cyane!


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