Operation: operating room



At 1:00 pm on November 12, Dr. Eddy Jonas and his team performed the first surgery in a brand new operating room at the hospital at Petite Rivière de l'Artibonite in Haiti. The operating suite, funded by Deerfield Partners, is the latest achievement for Zanmi Lasante (PIH's partner organization in Haiti) and its program to bring life-saving surgical services to the poorest communities in Haiti.

The first surgery was to remove a fibroid in a patient's breast (see photo above). In the first few weeks of operation, they've also performed several gynecological surgeries, including a cesarean section.

The opening of the operating room at Petite Rivière continues the work of Dr. Josue Augustin, director of surgery for Zamni Lasante, whose tragic death we continue to mourn.

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