U.S. Military vs. Parc Jean-Marie Vincent

Posted on 05/25/10


Zanmi Lasante staff and community members from Parc Jean-Marie Vincent challenge the U.S. Army to a friendly game of basketball.

Photographer: Louise Ivers


Over the weekend, Dr. Louise Ivers (PIH’s Chief of Mission for Haiti) reported from Parc Jean-Marie Vincent, a settlement camp for displaced earthquake survivors near Port-au-Prince. For the past four months, tens of thousands of people have been living in this former sports park.

On May 15th, Zanmi Lasante hosted a friendly challenge game between the folks at Parc Jean-Marie Vincent (PJMV), and the U.S. Military. It was a way to have some fun together after the previous few months of hard work on both sides.

The best 11 players pooled from the camp community made up the PJMV team. The U.S. Army’s commanding general attended, there was a half-time show and lots of good will. At the end, the military gave special coins to the Haitian team and the Haitian team presented certificates of gratitude and honor to the military for their work in the camp on flood mitigation and advocacy.

Finally, at least for a few hours, PJMV was a sports venue again.

 The PJMV team won the game with a final score of 42-27.


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