Giving Circles

The Partners Circle

Jean Luc before
A hungry Haitian child before treatment for malnutrition at Zanmi Lasante.
Jean Luc after
The same child weighing in after treatment

Partners In Health gratefully relies on the support of individual donors whose contributions account for two-thirds of our annual operating budget. This dedicated support is essential to our survival and enables us to provide free medical and comprehensive care for the destitute sick in the countries we serve.

The Partners Circle recognizes donors who contribute $1,000 or more to PIH’s Annual Fund. Members of the Partners Circle share a common commitment to PIH’s mission and provide vital funding for our programs. Through their ongoing financial support, members of the Partners Circle have created a strong foundation for all aspects of our work—from primary care, prevention, outreach, and community-based treatment to social services such as education, housing, and clean water projects.

Please consider joining the Partners Circle today. The generous reach of the Partners Circle can be felt around the world supporting our efforts to provide life-saving treatment to our patients in Haiti, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Russia, Rwanda, Lesotho, and Boston.

Partners Circle Monthly Giving

If making a single contribution of $1,000.00 or more is not right for you at this time, consider joining the Partners Circle by making a monthly, online gift of $85 – less than $3 (or one tall latte) a day. Setting up your monthly gift is simple and provides PIH with a reliable stream of income. Choose your monthly payment amount and select “monthly” from the “frequency” drop down menu on the donation page. Your gift will sustain our work in a reliable and cost-efficient way throughout the year.

Join the Partners Circle online or by mail

You can become a member of the Partners Circle in a matter of minutes simply by going to our secure, online server and making a contribution of $1,000 or more, either as a single donation or in monthly installments.

Or if you prefer to contribute by mail, you can join the Partners Circle by clicking here to download our donation form, filling it out and sending it in with your check for $1,000 or more.