PIH/Zanmi Lasante clinics in Port-au-Prince log over 100,000 patient visits

Posted on 06/06/10

     PIH/ZL mobile clinics
     by the numbers*

  • HIV tests performed: 3,358 (149 tested positive)
  • Pregnancy tests: 1,026 (453 pregnant)
  • Patients diagnosed with malaria: 52
  • Patients referred to the psychosocial/mental health program: 1,131
  • Patients suffering from acute diarrhea: 1,202
  • Patients suffering from urinary tract infections: 2,878
  • Patients needing treatment for diabetes: 53
  • Patients suffering from abdominal pain: 3,609
  • Patients needing treatment for coughing: 2,907
  • Patients needing treatment for headaches 4,588
  • Malnourished children enrolled in ZL’s nutrition program: 697
* Numbers were taken from patients visiting between April 26 and May 21, 2010.


Last month, the four health clinics in Port-au-Prince operated by PIH’s partner organization, Zanmi Lasante (ZL), reached a milestone in delivering care. Over 100,000 patient encounters have been recorded since the clinics were first established about four months ago. These clinics serve four large settlements of displaced survivors of the January 12 earthquake.

The clinics, which began seeing patients in late January, provide comprehensive primary health care services, including reproductive health care, HIV testing, and malnutrition screening.

During the month of May alone, the clinics logged 36,204 patient visits. Roughly one quarter of these visits were from children under the age of 10.

Headache, cough, and abdominal pain were among the most frequent symptoms seen at the clinics.

Proje Sante Fanm, ZL’s women’s health  project which operates women-focused spaces separate from the general health clinics, saw 1,175 women; 494 received prenatal consultations last month.

The four settlements, Building 2004, Caradeux, Park Jean Marie Vincent, and Dadadou, are all located in or around Haiti’s capital city, which was decimated by the earthquake. PIH/ZL began working at these sites in collaboration with Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health. During the first 17 weeks of operations, the clinics recorded 107,003 patient visits.

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Top photo: Patient recieving care at one of the settlement clinics run by Zanmi Lasante.